What we have now

Submitted by norma on Sat, 08/21/2010 - 22:43

We are using the site as a central filing system for minutes of meetings so that old and new members always have access to back copies without the need to maintain their own files.

Available on the Stationery tab are all the forms you are likely to want to join, pay, run a workshop, etc. etc. These can be printed off as required so you need never have the excuse that you have run out!

Notices and write ups on events can be found both on the Events tab and the Gallery tab. Sorry about having two places but this is the work around we need to use to get pictures. They are cross linked wherever possible.

All our meetings, visits, workshops and other dates of interest can be found on the Diary tab. Don’t forget to keep us informed of events. There is a new forum where you add these.