About Long Draw Spinning

Longdraw handspinning is the traditional way of making armslengths of single thread at one time rather than just a few inches. It is a satisfying skill which produces quality yarn quickly so that you complete projects in timescales to suit today's demanding lifestyle.

There is nothing new about longdraw spinning, it was standard practice in medieval times - our logo is based on an image in the Luttrell Psalter and is one of several 14th Century images to be found in the British Library. (We have obtained permission to show these images) Longdraw spinning produces top quality 'woollen' type yarns suitable for knitting and weaving. Other methods of spinning include, short draw, worsted and core spinning. Each method has its own pros and cons. With some fleece longdraw spinning can be done 'in the grease' without previous washing, combing or carding, which saves a huge amount ot time and effort. With some fleece it will facilitate preserving the natural characteristics of a particular fleece too. Above all, longdraw spinning can be a source of great pleasure.

Key Benefits

  • It is very satisfying
  • Makes yarn much faster than other methods
  • Spin straight from the fleece and avoid hours of repetitive preparation
  • Bring projects to completion before you run out of steam
  • Become more creative and adventurous in your spinning