Next meeting - 5 December 2009

Some items for next time

Christmas dinner – Linda and I will do a chicken or two and some roast veg, Janet said she will do some stuffing, Ros volunteered Christmas cake…and the rest will be an act of faith from everyone!

Next meeting - 7 November 2009

Subject for next meeting is Drum Carding - courtesy of Janet.

I look forward to seeing you all there. This will be my last meeting before I depart for the winter!!

email addresses

Oh dear! We have a temporary hiccup with our webmail which is currently not being redirected. Please address all email to until further notice. I will redirect as required.

We have pictures!!

We have now found a work around for entering pictures onto the site. This is not a perfect solution but I hope you will agree that it is better than nothing. You will find them on the 'People' and 'Events' pages

If you have any photos to add to any of the galleries please email them to me for inclusion.

Ashford Club

Did you know that you can join the Ashford Club and receive an annual magazine called "The Wheel" and monthly newsletters? The cost is $NZ10 a year which is currently about £5.

Go to

Next meeting 3 October 2009

Please note that topic for next meeting has been changed to "Softbench project" and we will be spinning Hebridean fleece to send off for this art installation project.

Drum carding has been moved to November in place of Open Day.

Next meeting 5 September 09

Just a reminder that the topic for the next meeting is "Dyeing using natural dyestuffs".

I know that Rosalind has been brewing and concocting from garden and hedgerow finds so we need to bring some undyed white wool to have a play.

Hope to see you all there.

There are still many mysteries!

Have just spent another morning playing around with HTML coding. I think the minutes now look a bit prettier and slightly easier to read. I am still not totally happy with the way they are appearing nor the fact that they are appearing as a forum topic. But hey - at least they are there. I will continue to work on improving them though. In the meantime, I have tucked them away at the bottom of the page so that you don't have to wade through them all to get to the next forum.

I certainly think we must try and increase the size of the font or we may all be needing new glasses.

More Progress??

I have made some more changes and moved all minutes etc that I entered yesterday to a new page on Discussion Forums and have added some other topics and changed a few more. Things are definately looking up.


Oh dear when I entered them as blogs they were fine but now they are ... and I need to do some more editing !!


As you can see, I have managed to update some info onto the site. Unfortunately, it hasn't come out in the right order but at least the info is there and going forward the latest entry will come at the top of the list.

Thanks to Janet for letting me use her password. It seems to be the only one that works. I absolve her of all blame for any errors because they will all be mine!

I now need to master pictures and forms - ugh!