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Two new Forums

I have created a forum where you can advise us of new dates for the diary. These might be dates that involve the Guild or not. If you think it would be of interest to members, please let us know.

I am also asking for your help in developing the website. Please keep the ideas coming.

I would love to think that we could use the site for all Guild communications instead of resorting to email. What do you think?

New Forum - Snippets from the Past

As many of you will know, I spend half of my life in New Zealand where I am a member of Creative Fibres . At a recent meeting, one of the members brought along a selection of “The Web” which was the quarterly journal of the New Zealand Spinning, Weaving and Woolcrafts Society, Inc. They were dated 1985-1988. I was fascinated and duly took them home to peruse. A lot of the content was somewhat dated and the many adverts were no longer relevant because the companies probably no longer exist – although I know some do – but there were some interesting patterns and lots of helpful hints.

Learn to spin with the Guild of Long Draw Spinners

Check out the events page for information on the training weekend at Knuston Hall in August 2010

Market Harborough Museum Hidden Talents display

During April and May 2010 the Market Harborough Museum is having a Harborough Hidden Talents theme and each Saturday in April and May local people will be demonstrating their skills in the Museum. Rosalind will be there demonstrating long draw spinning on Saturday 22nd May and perhaps one other day.

email addresses on Contact Us page

The email addresses listed should now be active (as of 7 March 2010). Many apologies to those who have been trying to contact us unsuccessfully.

2010 Diary Updated

Latest info has now been entered for events both home and away.

I have not added the Maryland Wool event that Lea emailed invitations for in May. We can obtain more details if there is interest from members.

Sorry I shall miss the next few meetings. January sounded a great time and you are all very brave to fight the weather. We heard about it on the News here in NZ and frantic phone calls from home.

Please keep news coming so that I can update the website - and it's good to hear what is going on back on the other side of the world.

Best wishes all

New Forum Created - Committee Meetings

As per Pam's request, I have created a new master forum - Committee Meetings and a sub forum called - New Items for Discussion.

To use you will need to log in, go to create content - forum topic - add your subject and then in box Forum topic - select New Items for Discussion and then add your message.

I hope I have got it right!

Best wishes for 2010

Message from down under

Just to let you know that I am finally acclimatised although my feet have hardly touched the ground. I shall be on my third trip, in less than three weeks, across the island on Thursday for babysitting duties and with a round trip of 5 hours driving - for me - this is no mean feat.

As you can see I am now hooked up on line and can now spend a bit of time working on the website so keep the info coming. I need to try and sort out the pictures (again) so that they don't say they are not available when they are.

Next meeting - 7 November 2009

Subject for next meeting is Drum Carding - courtesy of Janet.

I look forward to seeing you all there. This will be my last meeting before I depart for the winter!!

email addresses

Oh dear! We have a temporary hiccup with our webmail which is currently not being redirected. Please address all email to until further notice. I will redirect as required.